A pandemic in the 21st century creates a technical elite class which shuns physical contact and depends on virtual reality for all social interactions. Duke Landon is among the top echelon of the Royal World Commonwealth and poised for success. His life is a privileged orchestra of politics, finance, and leisure pursuits which rarely intersect with the framework of boring reality. The elite rule the world and rarely bother with the primitive humans who eke out a minimal existence in the hot, violent climate that has reclaimed the earth.

While on a rare visit to the tribes, Landon meets a young tribal leader named Rachel and finds he needs her help. Although Landon’s ultra-modern, germ-phobic culture is at odds with the ancient tribal customs, he learns to appreciate the real world and sees things from an entirely new perspective. Will Landon’s feelings for Rachel betray his people or will he find a balance between two opposing cultures? Forces within the Technocracy threaten to destroy everything he has come to love and the sacrifice required may be more than he has to give.