The Boroughs

In Old English, a “Borough”, was a fortress or fortified town. Later, they became to be known as a town or district which sent representatives to Parliment.

Technocracy focuses on the Boroughs of North America, but there are boroughs representing all areas of the globe. I created the map above to visualize the Boroughs and their relationship to each other. They are mostly named after mountain ranges or distinguishing features of the area.

The idea that global warming could drastically change the weather patterns of the future is something that I find fascinating. Northern climates which have been difficult if not impossible to produce crops could become amazingly rich. How would our borders change if the existing political structure was completely wiped out? What if the global jet stream changed and the plains, historically the bread basket of America, became barren and desolate?

There are climate models that date back to when C02 levels were this high historically, but they do not account for how the temperature was distributed or equalized globally. It is possible that a hotter climate could result in massive, frequent storms which would change our way of life as we know it.